What to Consider Before Taking a Job with a Long Commute

Bright Lights of Traffic

This could be you on a daily basis- better be worth it!

Most American workers commute an average of 25 minutes from their homes to their jobs. Some people travel further, up to an hour or more each way just to get to work. Taking a job with a long commute can be worth it, but you need to stop and think about what you will be giving up in order to make that trip every day. Here are some things to consider.

Is this your dream job?

If you do not like the job you are commuting to, the drive is going to seem much longer than it actually is. Commuting a long distance will be worth it if you love your job and are unable to move closer to its location. However, if it is a job that you feel indifferent about or a job that you hate, rethink whether or not a commute makes sense.

What will the commute cost you?

Gas is expensive, and there is no sign that it will cost less anytime soon. Calculate how much gas you will use driving to and from work, and do not forget to include any parking charges or tolls. The wear and tear on your car is also something to consider, especially if you find yourself stuck in traffic. Use public transportation if it is available, but remember that comes with a cost as well. Do some math to figure out whether your salary can support your commuting budget.

Will you have the opportunity to telecommute when necessary?

Imagine your commute during snow, ice, or when you are not feeling well. If the job you are offered will be flexible with your work hours and allow you to work from home every now and then or adjust your hours to account for traffic patterns, it might be worth doing. If you have a strict schedule with no flexibility, you might want to rethink whether you can handle it.

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