The Proper Way to Complain


This is not going to work!

Whether you want to return a dissatisfying product, or inform a business about a problem you encountered with them, there are a lot of ways to approach the situation. Everyone complains now and then, but many people go about it in the wrong way, which can ultimately leave them with no progress on the issue. Here are some tips to effectively communicate your complaint.

What do you want out of it? – Before you pick up the phone, think about what the outcome is that you desire. Do you want a refund? An upgrade? An apology? Make sure you know your facts about the policies or warranties of the company. Gather any information you may need.

Be Cordial- No one ever got anywhere by venting in a nasty way. Be focused on resolving the problem, not making your anger in the situation the most important thing. A strategy to use is by starting with a compliment, followed by your complaint, and another good point at the end. This will not only get the customer service representative on your side, but they will work with you to solve the problem quickly and efficiently.

Climb the Ladder- If talking to a representative on the phone is getting you nowhere, ask to talk to a supervisor. Make sure you get in touch with someone who has the power to grant your request.

Use your outlets- Use online forums or social media sites to pose questions and stir up conversation with other customers. This can not only help you possibly get an answer to a question you have, but many companies now monitor Twitter and Facebook feeds for client complaints, and could aid you through these outlets

No matter what, remember that approaching the situation with a good attitude, will get you much farther than if you are hostile. Negotiating with customer service will be more effective if you confront them with a calm approach, helping you reach your goal.


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