The Importance of Checking your Credit Report

money down the drain

This could be your funds if you don't check your credit periodically.

It is insulting that can lawfully name itself in correlation with something that they do not provide. They don’t give consumers anything for free, except for the headache from watching their painfully stupid commercials. Super fine print paired with some fast talk, reveals that their free credit reports are only free when you enroll in some random program they provide. In case you weren’t already aware, you are entitled, by law, to receive each of your three credit bureau reports once a year, free of charge. Visit to get started.

Your good name and credit are on the line if you don’t take advantage of this offering. Even if you do not receive paper statements of new lines of credit or have any other red flags arise, your credit reports could turn up information that may prove devastating. If someone runs up an astronomical credit card bill in your name or buys a car using your information, your credit report may be the only way to know. Inspect your reports for unfamiliar lines of credit- if you discover something suspect, call the company associated with the line of credit immediately to rectify any damage that has been done.

Sometimes, we have credit cards we don’t regularly use, and end up forgetting all about. Having an open line of credit that does not incur activity can be potentially damaging to your credit, and can invite identity thieves in to making purchases in your name.

Inspecting your annual credit reports can also assist in building your credit to a more desirable level. When you see that your score suffers with late payments, you can learn to better manage your payment schedule so that your credit does not decrease.
Reviewing your credit reports at least annually will cost you nothing but a few moments of your time. Your efforts can ensure that your credit score will not decrease due to criminally sneaky acts of others.

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