4 Challenges Owners of Small Businesses Face


When starting or running your own business, you’ll face business challenges. Small businesses face challenges from many sources, internal and external. External sources can be anything from competition in the area or banks turning down your loan request. Internal challenges would be anything involving you, your staff, and your clientele. In this article we will examine four challenges that small businesses go through and how to overcome them. Continue reading

Five Financial Tips for Small Business Owners


Do get things going up and staying up with your business, follow these tips.

Small business owners may be talented at the core of their business, but struggle managing the finances. Most often, they are not trained in the finance side of things, and fall prey to some common business hazards. Continue reading

The 11 Laws of Likeability: Gauging Your Level of Social Awkwardness


Jay is an extremely likeable guy, abiding by all laws of likeability.

If you’ve ever wondered why a person just doesn’t seem to warm up to you, there’s a book for that.
Continue reading