Learn About Finance from These Bloggers


Personal finance does not have to be a tedious, stuffy affair. There are hundreds of finance bloggers that put a humorous spin on economic independence and teach consumers about finance. According to WiseBread.com, here are the top five personal finance bloggers—to both inform and amuse: Continue reading

Extreme Saving Tips and Tricks


Saving money is the key to surviving this tired economy. If there is a way you can make budgeting and saving money priorities, it will really begin to add up. Even if you are just making it by, imagine the possibilities for using that extra money—going on vacation, paying off a bill, or making renovations to your house. There are some pretty extreme and creative ways that people are saving money. Here are five extreme budgeting tips that just may send you on your next luxury cruise, or help you pay off that credit card bill from Christmas. Continue reading

Saving Money on the Wedding: Elope


Wedding cake

No cake for you!!

Many people don’t bother thinking about budgets and dream that their wedding will be a grand affair—announcing their love in front of a huge crowd of family and friends. However, for each notion of grandeur, there are those who want their wedding to be small and intimate. For them, eloping is the answer. Continue reading