Learn About Finance from These Bloggers


Personal finance does not have to be a tedious, stuffy affair. There are hundreds of finance bloggers that put a humorous spin on economic independence and teach consumers about finance. According to WiseBread.com, here are the top five personal finance bloggers—to both inform and amuse: Continue reading

Investing that Extra $25.00


So, let’s say you have an extra $25.00. Do you order in some pizzas, spend it on a couple of nonfat vanilla lattes, try your luck in some online casinos, or try investing it? I hope your answer was you plan on investing every cent. Because with the three other options, the $25.00 would disappear very quickly, but when you decide on investing it, that $25.00 would most likely grow, and after time turn into a figure with an extra zero or two at the end. Forget the pizza and the lattes, and take a wise gamble. Even though it’s only $25.00, there is plenty of smart ways of investing it.

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Exchange Traded Funds: Should They Be In Your Portfolio?


ETFS, stocks, and bonds… Oh my!

In stock trading, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are considered by many to be something of a crossbreed that some people choose to invest in when they buy stocks. They are likened to when you invest in indexes, since ETF’s can go up and down. However, at times they can also appear more like equity. Continue reading