Tips for Your Tax Money

While it is always nice to get a tax refund after you file your federal taxes in the spring, what you are getting back is actually your own money. When putting together a tax toolbox, some people like saving by paying more taxes than necessary during the year so that they get a sizeable refund, and others like to keep as … Read more

Five Financial Tips for Small Business Owners

Small business owners may be talented at the core of their business, but struggle managing the finances. Most often, they are not trained in the finance side of things, and fall prey to some common challenges that come along with owning their own business.

Exchange Traded Funds: Should They Be In Your Portfolio?

In stock trading, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are considered by many to be something of a crossbreed that some people choose to invest in when they buy stocks. They are likened to when you invest in indexes, since ETF’s can go up and down. However, at times they can also appear more like equity.