Career Advice: When NOT to Take The Job


A bad sign?

It’s a sour economy and the unemployment rate is still uncomfortably high. Does this mean your job choice should be any job that’s offered to you? Not so fast. If you have been out of work for a while, you might be feeling a little desperate. However, the unlikely career advice might be not taking a job. Even rough times require you to think strategically about the future. Continue reading

Should you Date a Fellow Employee?




If you have the hots for a fellow employee, a blog post is probably not going to stop you from dating. Your employment handbook might, so make sure there are not any rules against fraternization. Consider these what-if situations as well. This could help if you decide to start up a romance with another employee or if the employee handbook allows it. Continue reading

Career Help: Big Salary or Facebook Time?


With a new generation of workers born in the late 80′s and 90′s—Gen Y, or “Millennials“—entering an already crowded job market, they will need career help unique to our age. As they begin choosing a career and where to work, they confront a decidedly 21st century problem.

Their predicament? Continue reading