6 Ways to Manage Debt in 2012


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Working on your budget now will save you a world of time in the new year.

The New Year is always a good excuse to get back into the swing of things. Set up your budget, get the kids on the right track with school, get the dogs into obedience class, and commit to calling your mother-in-law, are all things that you can pick back up after “accidentally” ignoring them during the busy holiday season. But what are some things you need to stop doing as we enter into 2012? Everything is about money these days and your financial portfolio is something that should be kept up all year long. So here are 6 financial “don’ts” for the year 2012. Continue reading

Gold: Always a Sound Investment


The U.S. dollar may be plummeting in value, but the gold standard remains stable as the day it was first utilized. Gold is a currency with worth in itself whereas man-made currency is soley paper or commonly occuring metals. The wavering ecomony is driving more people to invest in their futures with gold. Gold is up 27% in worth since its April 2001 low.
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The Importance of Checking your Credit Report


money down the drain

This could be your funds if you don't check your credit periodically.

It is insulting that FreeCreditReport.com can lawfully name itself in correlation with something that they do not provide. They don’t give consumers anything for free, except for the headache from watching their painfully stupid commercials. Continue reading