Five Financial Tips for Small Business Owners


Do get things going up and staying up with your business, follow these tips.

Small business owners may be talented at the core of their business, but struggle managing the finances. Most often, they are not trained in the finance side of things, and fall prey to some common business hazards. Continue reading

Does Your School Affect Your Earnings?


Bored Child

Does what your child do in first grade indicate what he will do the rest of his life?

There is always a long list of debate topics when it comes to parenting and education. Should mothers work or stay home? Is homeschooling better? Should the Pledge be mandatory? Why do kids need art? Continue reading

How to Find a Good Mechanic


Keeping your car well maintained and tuned up is the key to avoiding costly repairs and mechanical breakdowns. Unless you know a lot about cars yourself, you will need to rely on a good mechanic to help you take care of your car. But what exactly makes a mechanic good? Continue reading