Saving Money on the Wedding: Elope

Wedding cake

No cake for you!!

Many people don’t bother thinking about budgets and dream that their wedding will be a grand affair—announcing their love in front of a huge crowd of family and friends. However, for each notion of grandeur, there are those who want their wedding to be small and intimate. While there are plenty of ways to cut down on the cost of getting married, many would simply prefer eloping.

Of course, marriage is a tremendous decision—one that must be weighed carefully. As with almost everything, there are positive and negative reasons to elope.


Saving money is a good reason to elope. Wedding budgets are often huge, especially with all the trappings: photographers, caterers, music and flowers. Eloping keeps budgets manageable and allows for saving money before you start your lives together.

Think about budgeting your time as well. Planning a wedding eats months (or years) of a couple’s life. In addition, the importance of planning the “perfect” wedding has caused many couples to argue—or in some cases—split up entirely. Eloping needs little planning or budgeting, and can be done on a moment’s notice.

Getting families together can be filled stress and turmoil. Just think of your average holiday dinner, and multiply it by a thousand! Eloping avoids all the hassles of a big wedding, and the family circus that goes with one. Your family will be saving money when you elope as well.


Feelings may get hurt! There may be no drama like at a big wedding, but there will be when people find out you eloped. Many people believe that weddings are celebrations for everyone—not just for the bride and groom. Eloping takes that celebration away from them, and that resentment may last a long time.

There are no gifts or parties. Sure, you will be saving money but you also might miss out on presents. Weddings should be a celebration, and fun. Eloping can be a letdown.

Eloping is usually a spur of the moment thing—not the best for people who should not be getting married. Preparing for a wedding can give both parties time to make sure getting married is right for them.


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