5 Tips to a Smooth Career Change

switching careers
So there is a career change on the horizon. You were suddenly laid off from your job, or, you are so sick and tired of doing the same thing and being passed over for promotion year after year  that you WANT to be laid off or at least seek some career advice. Don’t despair, we hear you. But, like any dream or goal, you have to plan your career change. Remember this career advice: “people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”, as the saying goes.1. Whether you know your job is in jeopardy, or you just want out, plan your exit. Before it all goes down, try to find a mentor in the career field you want to join. You can do this by joining a club, volunteering somewhere to broaden your skills to get you moving in that direction.  Try to make one or two good contacts a week until you’re satisfied you have a good “team” to help you with career advice.2. Before you even start writing your new resume, create a file that highlights all your recent accomplishments and career goals reached, and how they would apply to your new career or job. A career change may take a little time, so you want to keep track of all those accomplishments that will help you. You’ll be surprised how many universal skills you  have.

3. Take care of yourself, fear of the unknown is natural, no need to aggravate it by binge eating and staying up late at night. That’s no way to start a new career or a new life.

4. Look before you leap. Identify  what makes you tick, what your passions are, and how do they apply to your next career. Then, research that career thoroughly to make sure it’s really the career change that you want. There’s a big difference between being a geologist and jeweler.

5.  Leave good karma. Exit gracefully, prepare an exit statement, if only for your own benefit. Hurt no one and don’t burn any bridges. This career advice is for your own benefit as well as your new employers.


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