Investments with Others: Pros and Cons

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Investments through investment clubs are a way to make money by investment collaboration. Many people join the club and invest their money together, but just like other money situations that involve collaboration with friends and family, this financial decision should not be taken lightly. Investment clubs have been in the United States since the nineteenth century and for years were seen as a good way to make investments.

There are significant advantages to making investments with a club:

Investment clubs are an excellent way to learn how to invest by developing relationships with people of varying expertise and investments.
• There is a higher potential to earning money from the investments when you combine resources and experience and invest as a group.
• Like any social group, investment clubs are an ideal way to meet other people with similar interests.
• Working within a group reduces the anxiety related to making investments.
• The risks involved in investment clubs are lower, compared to single investments.

Although there are real pros to investments with clubs, there are also some significant cons:

There is a risk of fraud. This comes when you invest with people who are unfamiliar to you
• The overall numbers of investment clubs out there are limited. Available investment clubs for building up a portfolio is something you need to take into consideration, as well as an entire range of investments.
• It is never a smart idea to risk everything on a few investments. You certainly cannot afford to rely solely on investment clubs for your portfolio—it is always beneficial to diversify your investments.
• Like any club, it is necessary to keep track of activity. There is always a chance that various members will lose interest in what you invest

• You do not have the freedom to make your own decisions on how you invest; you must rely on the judgments of the group.


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