How To Learn To Live With Less

Belt buckle

It's time to tighten our belts

Times are tough. Everywhere you go; negative financial news seems to follow.

For many, money is getting harder to come by.

You may be realizing that the time has come for belt tightening. Even if you are still doing well, to make it through this period of economic instability, you may have to live with a little less.

If you find you have “more month at the end of the money,” consider a few ways to keep things from seeming too… stressful.

1. Stay upbeat. A positive attitude is how you can overcome difficult times. It is your secret weapon during periods of unemployment, and can help you enjoy living with less.

2. Keep your perspective. You can see a fulfilling life, if you realize that you cannot have it all. You may be able to eat out at a restaurant, but only twice a month instead of every weekend. Learn to enjoy the things you have, not wanting things you do not.

3. Cheap—or free—ways to have fun. Even prior to the economy souring, there were several options available for having a good time. Redbox offers movie rentals for only $1, and it may be time to bring back “game night.” If you wish to go out for a meal, try to avoid costly drinks.

4. Focus on what is most worthy. Remember that material things are just that—things. They should have no long-term hold on you. Live your life for the things that matter—the love and respect of friends and family. If your personal relationships have been strained in the past, now is the time to mend broken bridges.

In days of uncertainty, it is always comforting to know that close, personal relations have guided many through difficult times like these.

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