End of The Year Review: Three Vital Things You Must Do

At the end of every year, certain things need to be reevaluated, and your finances are no different.  We aren’t just talking about taxes here, but credit cards, investments and your money situation in general should be looked at in general.

Credit cards

Get your free credit report, and look at it carefully. First thing you want to see is if your credit score has changed at all. Whether it went up or down, track down and identify the reason why. If it went down, it could very well be because of clerical error, you never know. Next, cash in any rewards you have due because of your credit card usage. No brainer, but you’d be surprised how much money or points you’ve accumulated greasing the plastic this year. Don’t waste it!.


Unless your mutual fund has been tanking for the last 20 years and not giving you the returns it should, no need for any drastic change here., But still, check out your capital gains and losses. Next, make sure you contributed enough to your retirement this year $5,000 max  for those under 50 this year, $6,000 max  for those older than 50.


Last, but not least, change your passwords. You never know who’s out there working away at your account… Remember, it may take them a year to crack your code, but it only takes a second for your life savings to disappear once they’re in. And make them complicated too, plenty of letters and digits.

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