Managing Debt: articles and news

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Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

It’s nearly impossible to live life completely debt free. Only a small amount of people can actually pay cash for all necessities, and the rest of us are forced to take out loans or use credit cards. Debt is a complex concept however, and although the average amount of debt in each U.S. household is less than ideal, not all … Read more

Non-Financial Reasons it’s Good to be Debt Free

You might not be aware of this, because let’s face it, who is really debt free these days? Getting out of debt and leading a debt free life can benefit more than just your bank account. Think about the last time you thought about how much debt you had, was it when you looked at your bank account, tried to … Read more

How to Get the Entire Family to Save Money

As joyful and wonderful as having a family is, it can also come at a high cost. While it may be easy for you to clip coupons, pay attention to your budget and save money in different ways, getting the whole family on board may be a little more challenging. But as a family you should all be working together … Read more