Invest and Save: Busting Money Myths


During these tough times it might have crossed your mind to find a get rich quick scheme or invest in something with a quick turnaround. Among some of the well-known options are investments in a home twice the size you’re used to, stock trading, investments in a 401k, and lack of or too much saving.

1) Some other instances where tax-payers think they have the upper hand is when you get a raise. Thankfully, the myth about taking home less money isn’t true. A change in tax bracket does not mean less money to invest or save.

2) Homeowners have been known to throw in the towel and start renting an apartment; others believe that renting is like throwing away money. Next to something like food, properties are not lousy investments. There are a great number of things we spend money on that we have nothing to show for like gas, food, or even a haircut.

3) One of the major misconceptions is that younger people don’t need to worry about the big financial picture. The younger you are when you start to save or invest the better off you will be. You will have time to recover from any bad investments or instances where you need to use your savings. And, unfortunately, the age of retirement is only increasing, which makes it harder to retire when you want to.

Making good investments and saving money are things that should be researched, especially to put myths like these to rest. Taking a long look at your potential for successful investments and the possible return of those investments could help you plan out your financial future.

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