Brand Loyalist: My Three Favorite Brands


Nike is noted for their ability to advertise and inspire.

In order to stay competitive and popular, brands need to spend money on advertising and marketing. But they also need to be great. No matter how much money is spent to convince consumers to love you, if your product is unlovable, your brand will be too. Here are three brands that I have always loved. Which brands have earned your enduring loyalty?

Diet Coke. You should see how my face falls when I order a Diet Coke in a restaurant and the waitress cheerfully asks me if Diet Pepsi is okay. No. No, it is not okay. It’s a totally different drink. The taste of my Diet Coke is better, the fizziness is unique, and although most people laugh at me when I say this, Diet Coke is my wonder drug. I drink it when I have a headache or heartburn, and I am instantly cured.

Nike. I work out a lot. Okay, I work out sometimes. Whether I am exercising or lounging, I wear Nike. Nike is reliable, fashionable and based in Oregon, which is one of the coolest states in this nation. Plus, they are fantastic at advertisements, and I’m not talking about their celebrity endorsements. Remember that commercial with the little girls talking about the benefits of female athletics? It was called “If You Let Me Play” and it was an excellent way to inspire while selling. I will always lace up Nikes before I play.

Nissan. I am not much of a car person. I don’t rave about motors and engines or inspect wax jobs and tire rims. But I will always drive a Nissan. I am terrible about oil changes and car maintenance, but my Nissans keep on running, even when they are ignored by me. This demonstrates what customer satisfaction can do for a brand. Consumers need to get something in return. I get to be lazy about tire rotations without jeopardizing my safety while driving. That’s why I love Nissan.

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