Black Friday turning into Early Black Weekend

Halloween has finally passed, so that means that all of those Christmas decorations that stores had been hiding in the back are in full view, reminding everyone that they better get their list and check it twice. The biggest shopping day of the year is about three weeks away, where will you be? Sleeping? Standing in line for some of the brands you are most loyal to? Sitting at the computer waiting for prices to drop? I guess this all depends on who is opening first and slashing the most.

Consumer reports say that 212 million shoppers are expected to spend an average of $365.34 during this year’s Black Friday sales. This year a lot of retailers are cutting out those long lines and early mornings, and turning them into late nights. Best Buy, Target, Khols, Walmart and many other big chains are opening their doors for black Friday at midnight, the day after Thanksgiving. And over the year retailers have snuck up against the competition to have items for black Friday priced as early as the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Amazon and other major online retailers have also locked onto the black Friday crowd. This allows the avid black Friday shopper to sit at home with a cup of cocoa and a blanket and get all the good deals that the people standing in line are going to get. Most retailers, in stores and online, are expecting a 2.8 percent increase from last year. Retailers are also more prone to price matching during this anemic economy. All major ads can be found on the Internet and preview sales can be found in stores.


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