Budgeting for Baby

Baby bottle

Babies aren’t as expensive as you think. Read further for helpful tips.

Here are a few methods of saving money and adopting budgeting skills with your brood:

Baby Furniture

Saving money on baby furniture is a challenge, so if you’re still in the preparation stage for baby’s arrival, ask around. Your parents may still have your old baby furniture, which would make a neat heirloom item to pass down one day. You may have friends that have had children too and I’m sure they’d be glad to transform the nursery to a more toddler-friendly space. Or, simply, check your local second-hand stores. There’s nothing wrong with budgeting for furniture by relying on durable, previously used cribs or dressers, especially since your little one will quickly outgrow them. Along that same thought pattern comes the conundrum of clothing. Little ones grow fast and between spit-ups, multiple washes and accidents you will need a quick turn-around time on clothing. Use the same logic as above: try saving money with smart budgeting and lean on friends, family, second-hand stores.

Baby Food

The best method for saving money on food is to breastfeed as long as you can. Obviously, this is only a budget-friendly option up until a certain stage. Many parents are steaming and pureeing their own baby food instead of purchasing it. This is not only a cost-effective method, but also a healthy alternative as you know exactly what’s going into your baby’s belly. If you buy jars of food, look for coupons.

Paying for Diapers

Diapers are expensive, but saving money is easy. They are such a necessity (multiple times a day, I might add), but you can often find coupons. Cheaper brands tend to not protect as well, so when you are budgeting for diapers, consider that the better brands may cost more. Look for coupons you can clip or print. Reusable diapering has been on the incline in popularity with the decline in the economy because it is a good tactic for saving money. You can either have the wrap kind of diapers or the sort that you simply change out a small pad. Most parents have issues with leaks and overexposure to wetness, so disposable diapers may end up being your one product to splurge on for both you and your baby’s sake.

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