7 Ways Pinterest Can Save You Money

save money with pinterest

Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most used social media sites on the internet. This online bulletin board allows users to “pin” and share ideas on everything from fashion, to celebrities, home decor or wedding ideas. Not only will Pinterest spark your creative side, it also focuses on helping everyday people live with less and save money on repurposing items and carrying out DIY projects. Heres some ways you can save money by using Pinterest:

Home remodeling and organization- There are thousands of “boards” dedicated to making your life easier, and the tips shared by Pinterest users are clever and versatile. You can find ways to repurpose almost any ordinary household item to make it beneficial to you again, or use it in a different way. This can help you save money on expensive organization bins and containers, and keep you from throwing away reusable items.

Cleaning products- From experience and experiments many people figure out on their own how to make home-made products. They then like to share their newfound ideas on social media sites such as Pinterest, for your benefit! Save money on expensive cleaning products for glass, your stove, furniture stains and more with simple things you probably already have in your cabinets.

Clothing- Yes, there are a lot of expensive fashion pieces “pinned”, but there are also awesome DIY tips to remake old pieces of clothing into new items. Plenty of ideas on how to remodel old jeans and t-shirts for new shorts or tank tops, so you can save money on throwing them out and buying new ones!

Dining- Its almost impossible to go on Pinterest and not pin at least one recipe you see. There are so many quick and easy recipes to try that use little ingredients to help you save money. Or, if you just want to try to stick to a budget by not dining out, theres unlimited meal ideas that all look delicious!

Fun for the Kids- Instead of going out and buying a new toy, save money and still entertain your kids for hours. There are endless ideas to keep you kids busy that are all clever and creative. You can even find ways to make your own Play-Dough, Silly Putty, paint and more.

Beauty and Hair- Pinterest can be a huge help in the beauty and styling area. Not only are there a ton of ideas on how to save money by making your own skin and hair treatments, but there are endless tips and tricks on how to do your own makeup and hairstyles that look like you went to a salon. Save money on professional styling for an important event by taking advice from knowledgeable pinners.

Art and Decorations- Home decor and holiday or seasonal decorations can cost a lot of money. Pinterest users give tips and advice on how to create your own beautiful art in simple ways. Save money on redecorating rooms in your house, or buying expensive hangings by making them yourself. Not only will they be more personal, you can take pride in the fact that you save money by creating personal items for your home.


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