10 Tips for Cutting Down the Cost of Getting Married

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Everyone dreams of their wedding day being perfect down to the very last detail‚ÄĒbut with all of the various expenses that come along with such a big day, the costs can quickly add up. If money is no object on your wedding day; lucky you. But if you are worried you may end up spending more money than you’d like on this one day event, be realistic with your planning and budgeting. There are plenty of ways to save money and still have a beautiful wedding day. Here are 10 tips for cutting down the cost of getting married:

1.) Limit the guest list- The number of people you invite to your wedding can skyrocket quickly and add major expenses to your budget. By sticking just to your closest friends and family, and not letting people pressure you into inviting a third cousin and his entire clan, you can save money on everything from food and drink to extra invitations. Cut down the guest lists to cut down on costs.

2.) Book one location- Having both the ceremony and reception at one single location can save you a lot of money. Not only will you avoid paying fees for two different sites, you will not have to provide transportation from one venue to another for the entire party. Expenses related to location can cause you to spend money that you don’t have to.

3.) Timing is everything- You can save a lot of money by having your wedding outside of peak seasons. If you are not dead set on a spring or summer wedding, consider having it in the fall or winter when location prices, as well as service fees will drop drastically. Also, if you decide you can have the wedding take place on any other day besides Saturday, you can save a ton of money.

4.) Ask for help- Use your resources when it comes to your wedding, and you can save money by simply asking for help. Pool together the people you know to ask for friends and acquaintances through whom could score you great deals. Maybe your sister in law has a friend who is a great DJ, or your best friend is close with an awesome photographer. Just asking for help can get you very far and save you a lot of money on your wedding budget.

5.) Keep it on the down low- People who have gone through the process before say that¬†a major way to cut expenses is to simply keep mum about the fact that it’s a wedding you are planning. Avoid telling rental halls, caterers and any other service providers that you’re shopping around for a wedding, because just the word can cause prices to skyrocket. Just say it is for a special event, and you can save a lot of money.

6.) The dress- Yes, every bride dreams of what they will be wearing when they walk down the isle; but do you really want to spend a fortune on a dress you will wear one time? Many brides these days are taking advantage of online deals, or finding less expensive dresses at sample sales or retailers rather than a bridal salon. Saving money by buying an inexpensive dress is a great way to cut down the wedding budget.

7.) Shop around- Make sure you are getting the best deal for what you are paying for. You can save money by putting in a little extra time and effort to get quotes from different service providers. Ask different photography, catering and music companies how much they will charge; and then choose the best bang for your buck. Don’t give up quality, but make sure if you are spending money on these services, that you know your options and take advantage of the least expensive ones to fit into your wedding budget.

8.) Get crafty- There are so many ways to cut out expenses by simply doing some things yourself. On everything from invitations, to centerpieces that you and your friends and family can make with inexpensive items, you can create handmade pieces for the big day. Many do it yourself websites have great ideas for decorations and invitations that you can make yourself with inexpensive crafts to save money on.

9.) Drinks- An open bar can actually be one of the most expensive components of the wedding day. In your budget you can cut down a lot by saving money on alcoholic beverages in a number of different ways. You could buy bottles of champagne or wine for guests to sip on during the cocktail hour, you can have a cash bar available, or you can have a dry wedding. If an open bar is a must, avoid buying additional bottles of champagne for toasts and rather have guests toast with the drink in their hands.

10.) The cake- A large and extravagant cake may be something you have in mind, but just doesn’t fit into your budget. You can save money on your wedding cake by forgoing the fondant frosting and having cream cheese or buttercream frosting. You could also enlist one of your relatives or friends who’s famous for their delicious baking to make you a delicious cake. Or, you could forego the traditional wedding cake and go for the more trendy cupcakes. Have a small piece for the bride and groom to cut for themselves, and then have an array of cupcakes for guests; this will be an easier and less expensive alternative.


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