1. All of these are spot on. My biggest failing is the last one. It’s just way to easy to nickel ad dime myself out of zero money in my pocket… Sigh! I just don’t where that hole is but I sure wish it would stop leaking my money…. LOL

  2. On point and very educative. The tips where i’ll get a pass mark is tips 2, 7, 8 and 9. That is way below average. I guess the one that stood out to me is the tip on having an emergency saving account. In a society like mine that operates solely on cash, there is little or no credit. An emergency account is highly needed.

  3. You got me there at the last one! I admit that this is my biggest weakness. But after sitting down and realized how much that cup of coffee was really costing me each year, I was stumped! Thanks for the heads up once again.

  4. I find that it is hard not to spend the extra money on the small things too. I resorted to only putting $20 in my pocket and leaving all the cards at home with sticky notes on them saying “Don’t Spend Money”. So far I am staving off the Starbucks and extra spending.

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