Career Advice: When NOT to Take The Job


A bad sign?

It’s a sour economy and the unemployment rate is still uncomfortably high. Does this mean your job choice should be any job that’s offered to you? Not so fast. If you have been out of work for a while, you might be feeling a little desperate. However, the unlikely career advice might be not taking a job. Even rough times require you to think strategically about the future. Continue reading

Learn About Finance from These Bloggers


Personal finance does not have to be a tedious, stuffy affair. There are hundreds of finance bloggers that put a humorous spin on economic independence and teach consumers about finance. According to, here are the top five personal finance bloggers—to both inform and amuse: Continue reading

4 Challenges Owners of Small Businesses Face


Small businesses face challenges from many sources. External sources can be anything from competition in the area or banks turning down your loan request. Internal challenges would be anything involving you, your staff or your clientele. It could be a question like how to get a cash advance loan?. In this article we will examine four challenges that small businesses go through and how to overcome them.

4 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score


credit card

There’s no quick way to fix your credit. While damaging your credit seems so easy, restoring it takes financial discipline and attention to detail. Here are a few initial steps to achieving a credit score that you can be proud of. Continue reading

What the European Economic Crisis Means for US Investments


European Debt Crisis

The economic news out of Europe has not improved with the UBS rogue trader scandal. According to information gathered from The New York Times, the Swiss bank lost $2 billion from proprietary trading within its investments division. Add this to the crises in Greece and Spain and the declining Euro in world currency markets and it’s clear that investments in Europe will have significant risks. Continue reading

4 Tips on How to Buy Stocks


Getting into the stock market requires an investor to know what to invest in. Common sense investors looking to build stable portfolios need to avoid a “get rich quick” mentality and buy stocks based upon careful research and proven growth in companies. Consider these following tips before you invest in a particular company. Continue reading

Paying for School: What you Need to Know About Financial Aid


The costs of getting an education rise each year, while our incomes decline. The Great Recession has made everything involving money and financing difficult, including going to universities and college. However, in our difficult financial climate, the price of not getting a college degree is even more costly. Parents must learn about financial aid and apply for student loans long before the first application is completed. Continue reading

The Basic Information You Need to Know About Bankruptcy


bankruptcy court

Filing for bankruptcy should be a final resort for individuals who have fallen behind on their debts and cannot continue paying their creditors. Here are some basic instructions to think about before you file for bankruptcy. Continue reading

Five Tips to Consider When Starting a New Business


According to the U.S. Small Business Association, starting a business isn’t as easy as setting up shop and unlocking the door for customers. It’s a lengthy process that, if people are patient and follow each step, can reward entrepreneurs with a quality work environment for business and profits. Here are five tips from the SBA to help you plan your new venture and start a business. Continue reading

Invest and Save: Busting Money Myths



During these tough times it might have crossed your mind to find a get rich quick scheme or invest in something with a quick turnaround. Among some of the well-known options are investments in a home twice the size you’re used to, stock trading, investments in a 401k, and lack of or too much saving. Continue reading

Where to Save: How to Live With Less


Belt buckle

It’s time to tighten our belts

Times are tough. Everywhere you go; negative financial news seems to follow.

For many, saving is getting harder.

You may be realizing that the time has come for belt tightening. Even if you are still doing well, to make it through this period of economic instability, you may have to live with a little less and figure out where to save.

If you find you have “more month at the end of the money,” consider how to save and keep things from seeming too… stressful. Continue reading

The 11 Laws of Likeability: Gauging Your Level of Social Awkwardness


Jay is an extremely likeable guy, abiding by all laws of likeability.

If you’ve ever wondered why a person just doesn’t seem to warm up to you, there’s a book for that.
Continue reading

The Best Books for Small Business Owners


Being a small business owner means there are not enough hours in the day for you to accomplish everything you want to do. Your time is one of your most precious resources. It would be a mistake to skimp on your learning opportunities, however. Read everything you can about leadership for small business owners in your spare time, and be sure not to miss these titles. Continue reading

Job Openings: Is a Commute a Deal Breaker?


Bright Lights of Traffic

This could be you on a daily basis- better be worth it!

Most American workers commute an average of 25 minutes from their homes to their jobs. Some people travel further, up to an hour or more each way just to get to work. Taking a job with a long commute can be worth it, but you need to stop and think about what you will be giving up in order to make that trip every day. Here are some things to consider. Continue reading

Reasons You Must Check Your Credit Report


money down the drain

This could be your funds if you don’t check your credit periodically.

It is insulting that can lawfully name itself in correlation with something that they do not provide. They don’t give consumers anything for free, except for the headache from watching their painfully stupid credit report commercials. Continue reading

Where to Find Affordable Real Estate


Depending on where you go, this could be more affordable than you think!

The cost of living, no matter where you are, has risen in the last 10 years. So where can you find the cheapest place to live? There are common expectations for the east coast to be a little more expensive, but the west coast has snuck up, as has the price of living. So where does that leave us? The central, mid-western part of the United States appears to have the most affordable real estate market. Continue reading

Understanding the Value of Gold


The U.S. dollar may be plummeting in value, but when you buy gold, your investment remains as stable as the day it was first utilized. The value of gold goes beyond its with as a currency is a currency. Man-made currency such as paper or commonly occurring metals do not come with the value of gold. The wavering ecomony is driving more people to buy gold. Gold is up 27% in worth since its April 2001 low.
Continue reading

Exchange Traded Funds: Should They Be In Your Portfolio?


ETFS, stocks, and bonds… Oh my!

In stock trading, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are considered by many to be something of a crossbreed that some people choose to invest in when they buy stocks. They are likened to when you invest in indexes, since ETF’s can go up and down. However, at times they can also appear more like equity. Continue reading

How to Find a Good Mechanic


Keeping your car well maintained and tuned up is the key to avoiding costly repairs and mechanical breakdowns. Unless you know a lot about cars yourself, you will need to rely on a good mechanic to help you take care of your car. But what exactly makes a mechanic good? Continue reading

Does Your School Affect Your Earnings?


Bored Child

Does what your child do in first grade indicate what he will do the rest of his life?

There is always a long list of debate topics when it comes to parenting and education. Should mothers work or stay home? Is homeschooling better? Should the Pledge be mandatory? Why do kids need art? Continue reading

Tips for Your Tax Money


Keep more of these in your pocket and account.

While it is always nice to get a tax refund after you file your federal taxes in the spring, what you are getting back is actually your own money. Some people like saving by paying more taxes than necessary during the year so that they get a sizeable refund, and others like to keep as much money in their paychecks as possible during the year. It can be a challenging balance in deciding how much to withhold in deductions when you fill out tax forms for your employment. Continue reading

Five Financial Tips for Small Business Owners


Do get things going up and staying up with your business, follow these tips.

Small business owners may be talented at the core of their business, but struggle managing the finances. Most often, they are not trained in the finance side of things, and fall prey to some common business hazards. Continue reading

Black Friday turning into Early Black Weekend


Halloween has finally passed, so that means that all of those Christmas decorations that stores had been hiding in the back are in full view, reminding everyone that they better get their list and check it twice. The biggest shopping day of the year is about three weeks away, where will you be? Sleeping? Standing in line? Sitting at the computer waiting for prices to drop? I guess this all depends on who is opening first and slashing the most. Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Leasing a Car



Leased cars are great if you have a little extra money, you take care of your car and you don't travel very far.

Financially speaking, there are good reasons to lease a car and good reasons not to. If you are someone who does not care much about cars, like my sister who drives a 123,000-mile beater that is missing a side mirror and in desperate need of an oil change, leasing is probably not for you. Keep driving that Datsun. But if you really love nice cars like my other sister, who is overly protective of her sleek red Acura but knows she’ll want something different in two or three years, leasing might be a good option. Here are your pros and cons for leasing a car: Continue reading

Play by the Rules When Friends Borrow Money


Remember, if your going to lend a friend money, they are your friend first, and a recipient of your generosity second.

It can be an awkward situation for all parties involved when friends need to borrow money. It’s usually no big deal if someone needs five or ten dollars to cover lunch. But what if there is a large expense that they need help with? What if they ask you for hundreds, even thousands of dollars? Continue reading

The Debt Snowball Method: A Good Way To Get Out of Debt


The debt snowball method is a debt reducing strategy. How does it work? If you are in debt on more than one account, pay off the debt starting with the smallest balances first, while paying the minimum on the debt with larger amounts owed. Once the smallest is paid off you move on to the next smallest debt. This is an effective form of debt management that is most often applied to repaying the revolving credit that keeps you in debt, like credit cards. Continue reading

5 Tips to a Smooth Career Change


switching careers
So there is a career change on the horizon. You were suddenly laid off from your job, or, you are so sick and tired of doing the same thing and being passed over for promotion year after year  that you WANT to be laid off or at least seek some career advice. Don’t despair, we hear you. But, like any dream or goal, you have to plan your career change. Remember this career advice: “people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan”, as the saying goes. Continue reading

Brand Loyalist: My Three Favorite Brands



Nike is noted for their ability to advertise and inspire.

In order to stay competitive and popular, brands need to spend money on advertising and marketing. But they also need to be great. No matter how much money is spent to convince consumers to love you, if your product is unlovable, your brand will be too. Here are three brands that I have always loved. Which brands have earned your enduring loyalty? Continue reading

Investments with Others: Pros and Cons


New York Stock Exchange

Investments through investment clubs are a way to make money by investment collaboration. Many people join the club and invest their money together. Investment clubs have been in the United States since the nineteenth century and for years were seen as a good way to make investments. Continue reading

Tuition Options for College Students


College can be a pivotal experience in a person’s life—it can also be one of the most expensive. It does not have to be that way, though. There are several options available for college students—whether clean out of high school, or returning to school after a long absence. Continue reading

End of The Year Review: Three Vital Things You Must Do


At the end of every year, certain things need to be reevaluated, and your finances are no different.  We aren’t just talking about taxes here, but credit cards, investments and your money situation in general should be looked at in general.

Continue reading

6 Tips for Beating Debt


bank statement

Working on your budget now will save you a world of time in the new year.

The New Year is always a good excuse to get back into the swing of things. Set up your budget, get the kids on the right track with school, get the dogs into obedience class, and commit to calling your mother-in-law, are all things that you can pick back up after “accidentally” ignoring them during the busy holiday season. But what are some things you need to stop doing as we enter into 2012? Everything is about money these days and getting out of debt should be a priority. Follow these 6 tips for managing debt, and before long you may find you are no longer in debt. Continue reading

Putting Together Your Tax Toolbox



Just like wrenches are the right tools to loosen things up, tools like correct paper work and tax software can make all the difference in tax preparation.

Tax time is approaching, which is great news for those who are expecting healthy refunds. I usually have to pay, so I slouch towards the filing deadline with a combination of dread and terror. Whether tax time means you have money coming or going, it helps to be organized. Put together a tax toolbox that will make it easy to manage and file your taxes. Continue reading

Saving Money on the Wedding: Elope


Wedding cake

No cake for you!!

Many people don’t bother thinking about budgets and dream that their wedding will be a grand affair—announcing their love in front of a huge crowd of family and friends. However, for each notion of grandeur, there are those who want their wedding to be small and intimate. For them, eloping is the answer. Continue reading

Extreme Saving Tips and Tricks


Saving money is the key to surviving this tired economy. If there is a way you can make budgeting and saving money priorities, it will really begin to add up. Even if you are just making it by, imagine the possibilities for using that extra money—going on vacation, paying off a bill, or making renovations to your house. There are some pretty extreme and creative ways that people are saving money. Here are five extreme budgeting tips that just may send you on your next luxury cruise, or help you pay off that credit card bill from Christmas. Continue reading

Investing that Extra $25.00


So, let’s say you have an extra $25.00. Do you order in some pizzas, spend it on a couple of nonfat vanilla lattes, try your luck in some online casinos, or try investing it? I hope your answer was you plan on investing every cent. Because with the three other options, the $25.00 would disappear very quickly, but when you decide on investing it, that $25.00 would most likely grow, and after time turn into a figure with an extra zero or two at the end. Forget the pizza and the lattes, and take a wise gamble. Even though it’s only $25.00, there is plenty of smart ways of investing it.

Continue reading

Career Help: Big Salary or Facebook Time?


With a new generation of workers born in the late 80′s and 90′s—Gen Y, or “Millennials“—entering an already crowded job market, they will need career help unique to our age. As they begin choosing a career and where to work, they confront a decidedly 21st century problem.

Their predicament? Continue reading

Should you Date a Fellow Employee?




If you have the hots for a fellow employee, a blog post is probably not going to stop you from dating. Your employment handbook might, so make sure there are not any rules against fraternization. Consider these what-if situations as well. This could help if you decide to start up a romance with another employee or if the employee handbook allows it. Continue reading

The Proper Way to Complain



This is not going to work!

Whether you want to return a dissatisfying product, or inform a business about a problem you encountered with them, there are a lot of ways to approach the situation. Everyone complains now and then, but many people go about it in the wrong way, which can ultimately leave them with no progress on the issue. Here are some tips to effectively communicate your complaint.

Continue reading